Thermal oil heater (horizontal)

Thermal oil heater (vertical)

Thermal oil heater (horizontal)

Advantages of Thermal oil heater 

1. High efficiency due to it's special structural design.(More than 25% better in efficiency compare to the steam boiler)

- Heat efficiency is higher than 86%, and it can reach up to 92% when waste heat recovery device is installed, therefore our product is great for saving fuel cost.   

2. High temperature can be maintained freely at low pressure.

- At(3.5"kg"\/cm^〖2〗 ) 360℃ can be obtained safely and simply.

3. Precise temperature control, and excellent in safety. 

- Fully automatic system ensures precise temperature control (±0.5℃), and is completely safe without any risk. 

4. Heat-Transfer Fluid can keep intact.

- Adjustable temperature control, no congestion, and free from canonization.

5. Our product can last longer since there is no corrosion.

6. Flash Drum is installed to separate liquid, and vaporized gas. 

7. Uncomplicated maintenance, and high-efficiency sustainable. 

- Simple assembly, and disassembly process resulting easy maintenance process. 

- Therefore our product sustain it's high-efficiency over a long term.