Water-Tube Boiler

Water-tube boiler

Water-tube boiler

Advantages of Water-tube boiler

1. High thermal efficiency, and constant thermal efficiency.

- Rounded chamber design, and sufficient combustion chamber maximize the abortion of radiant heat to ensure high thermal efficiency.  

2. Membrane Wall. 

- Minimum heat loss, high-efficient, and safe from gas leak. 

3. Dry steam 

- Special structure design allows drying off any evaporated gases, this results in duration, and productivity.  

4. High-Safety

- Numerous inter-lock circuit, fire detector, and alarm system will secure your safety. 

5. Sensitive to fluctuating load.

6. Diamond shape internal casing structure.

- Safe from gas leak.

7. Simple structure allows simple maintaining and cleaning process. 

- Internal cleaning spaces makes it safer to clean soot.