Steam Accumulator


Steam Accumulator

Steam Accumulator

1. Fuel efficiency. 

- It absorbs production load fluctuation, allowing stabilized operation process. 

- Boiler operation efficiency is increased by 0.5~12% due to it operates at ow air ratio.

- Heavy load fluctuation allows least amount of boiler to be operated, 

 resulting in fuel cost save, and maintenance cost reduction.

2. Increase in capacity. 

- At high load, boiler capacity and accumulator evaporation can be used at the same time. 

  Meaning that only installing accumulator will increasing the current boiler capacity. 

   (18T/H Steam Demand vs. 10T/H Boiler+ Accumulator)

3. Economical steam uses.

- There is no priming & carry over phenomenon in the accumulator, it provides high quality steam. 

 Therefore there is no loss of heat, and the quality is improved. 

- Accumulator can provide steam on it's own even if the boiler is not operating.  

 (Convenient when using steam for 24/7)

- Steam can be used in case of boiler failure or power outage. 

- Boiler's life is extended since it operates at optimum load. 

4. Preventing Pollution.

- Reducing exhaust gas, and NOx.